European King Costume for Men

251,00 kr.

Til butik


BY YOUR ROYAL DECREE…Have you ever had the realization that the world would be a much better place if it would just listen to what you commanded? You watch as folks make silly mistakes and then pretend like they don’t know that you definitely do deserve an extra scoop of ice cream on your cone, even though they claim corporate policy is to limit you to only three? If only you could have something that helped to confirm the authority that, deep down, you know you deserve! There are only so many looks you can hold that help to do so. Yep: the Monarch is the only way! DESIGN & DETAILSIt’s time to finally inherit the Divine Mandate that you’ve been waiting for. Our loyal craftsfolk have pledged their allegiance to your grand name and come up with this King costume that is sure to make you feel like royalty. This look includes a thigh-length red jacket with tons of intricate and elegant details. Gold metallic braid trims your collar and connects to cloth epaulets with golden rope fringe. A medium black collar and wide cuffs provide crisp and elegant contrast while the blue satin sash is edged in gold and notes your prestige. All that awaits you now is your coronation date and your acquisition of the crown to claim the throne! PRINCE CHARMING AND KING GLORIOUSNo matter what royal stance you want to take when you claim this lovely costume, the biggest thing you need to decide is what people will call you! Better start thinking now, because you’ll be too busy enjoying the royal life once you have this majestic coat on your shoulders.

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