Fairy Prestige Kid’s Costume

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A Magical Tale Once upon a time, a girl with an eye for the wondrous found a lost fairy near her home. The fairy was worn-out and shivering, and needed a safe place to sleep for the night. The girl made her a soft bed out of a candy box and cotton balls, and in the morning, the fairy was so grateful that she granted her new friend a wish: To never have to do homework again. Just kidding. She gave the girl wings and her own fairy dress, which is a much better present. Product DetailsLive your own enchanting adventures in this Kid’s Fairy Prestige Costume! The outfit includes a beautiful flower-inspired dress with a shiny green bodice that has printed dark green ivy leaves, flower-detailed embroidery, and puffed sleeves. Fabric flowers made out of sparkly mesh trim the neckline and the waist. Green petal details spill over the skirt, which has layers of sparkly pink mesh over a solid pink bottom layer. A set of gold and white wings with green straps and a flower crown completes the outfit. Flying High Haven’t you ever wanted to be a fairy for a day? Now is your chance! Flutter around the neighborhood with your friends, spreading good magic and good deeds. It’s well-known that fairies prefer eating sweet foods, like honeysuckle nectar and clover essence, so you’ll definitely want to do some trick-or-treating too. This outfit is perfect as a Halloween costume, and you can keep using it for dress-up throughout the entire year!

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