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FAIRIESDeep down, we think that everyone wants to be a fairy. Being able to fly and use magic are powers that are simply too cool to pass up! And it’s not as though you couldn’t keep doing all of your human stuff. We could still sell all of you wonderful people these awesome costumes, we would just fly to work instead of drive! We’d still do our work like everyone else, we would just use a little magic to do it! That doesn’t sound too shabby, does it? And you want to know the best part of being a fairy? You get to dress like one! That means every day you’d get to wear cool outfits like this one and it’s totally acceptable. Every day you’d be the best dressed at the office and every day you’d be the most stylish person at your book club. FUN DETAILS We consider fairies to be pretty stylish folk, and this costume certainly lives up to our expectations! It all starts with the dress. The dress is purple and blue and has sequin detailing throughout. The dress just so happens to go perfectly with the purple wings they’ll be wearing! The wings are secured with clear elastic bands and have an iridescent glow to them. Lastly comes the headband. The headband is on an elastic band and is lined with flowers. All you will need now is a little bit of stardust and the costume will be truly complete! FAIRYWhat would be your favorite part of being a fairy? Sure the flying is fun and magic is nice, but there are other perks too! You’d get to live in a cool treehouse or in a stream like you always see in the movies! You’d also get to be really tiny! So many perks to choose from…

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