Feed Me Bunny Costume for Kids

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Easter for Every BunnyWhen you told your toddler about the Easter bunny they were, needless to say, excited about waking up one Spring morning to find a yard full of candy-filled eggs. They gathered every brightly colored plastic egg in their small basket but seemed disappointed when their job was done. Curious, you asked your toddler what was bothering them. They told you, I didn’t see the bunny. How can I share the candy? You tried to explain that the bunny left the eggs and candy, just for them; the bunny didn’t want anything in return. But that didn’t settle the matter. Your very sweet toddler wanted to make sure the legendary Easter bunny got to enjoy the holiday treats too. Knowing they would not rest until they were convinced the bunny would be happy, you promised your toddler that you would find a way to help them share all the candy with the Easter bunny.Product DetailsThe Easter bunny won’t miss out on any more sweet treats when your toddler wears this Feed Me Bunny Costume for kids. The super-soft tunic is made with plush, cream-colored faux fur and a light pink polyester lining. A hook and loop fastener on the back of the costume makes getting dressed easy. In case it’s a chilly Spring, the sleeveless design allows your toddler to layer warmer clothing underneath the costume. The tunic is given its rabbit appearance with two large ears attached at the shoulders. The bubble-shaped tunic is made even cuter with appliqued eyelashes, a nose, and a smiling mouth that bring this happy bunny to life.Sweets to ShareSkip the basket or bucket and let your kiddo share their sweets with their favorite bunny inside the tunic’s opening that doubles as a pocket. Whether your little one wants to collect the most Easter eggs or plans to hop around the entire neighborhood on Halloween, they’ll be set for the fun in this adorable Kids Feed Me Bunny Costume!

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