Feed Me Dinosaur Costume for Kids

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Dino-mite!Dinosaurs are extinct? Who told you that? The old “meteor from the sky wipes out all giant lizards” story is just a tall tale. The truth is, dinosaurs still walk among us. They’ve been forced into hiding and have gotten better at camouflage, but they’re still around if you know how to look! Lucky humans have been known to spot them from time to time.If you’re an aspiring dino hunter, there are a few ways to boost your odds. Your best bet is learning how to lure them into the open! Try buying sugary cereal next time you visit the grocery store – Cretaceous creatures love picking out the marshmallows. Maybe fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and leave it out in the open. Better yet, loudly announce “I’m having some candy now!” and see if that produces any nearby growls. Remember, though, avoid using foods like Brussel sprouts or liver and onions as bait! That will chase any large lizards right back into hiding.Product DescriptionExpect roars of delight when your child wears this Kid’s Feed Me Dinosaur Costume! Ferociously frightening, yet amazingly awesome, this outfit is sure to bring smiles – and extra candy! The 100 percent polyester bodysuit has a hook and loop fastener on the back to keep the costume secure even when this prehistoric monster goes on a rampage. The brown, green, and grey-spotted dino face on the front is scary fun with its sinister smile. Beady eyes glare from either side of the head, always searching for more snacks. The open mouth ringed with giant teeth doubles as a pouch to store treats. The nose has a ridge of three shiny spikes. More spikes are sewn down the back of the bodysuit and continue onto the attached tail.Feed Me!Your little monster will enjoy Jurassic-sized fun in our Kid’s Feed Me Dinosaur Costume! Channeling a T-Rex sure works up a kid’s appetite. Keep a sharp eye on your chocolate bars and gummy worms because this dino is HUNGRY!

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