Feed Me Ghost Child Costume

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Hangry HauntA word to the wise: Try not to die hungry! Chances are, your spirit will return to roam the earth until it finds that perfect last meal. There’s just one problem – eating is usually very tricky for ghosts to do! They can’t chew, they can’t swallow, and everything seems to go right through them. What a mess! Don’t even get us started about what happens when a spirit slurps spaghetti and meatballs. No wonder they’re usually not invited to parties.Unlike its other specter friends, this ghoul has the power to retain treats! It comes out when the moon rises and searches for snacks. That eerie moan you just heard is its stomach growling for food!Product DescriptionYou’ll be a scream in your Feed Me Ghost costume. The 100 percent polyester tunic pulls over your head and fastens in the back. The mouth on the front is howling with hunger and doubles as a big pocket to store candy and any other goodies. The embroidered felt eyes above the pocket are always looking for more to eat. Lacy, sheer fabric drapes over your arms and serves as a ghostly outer layer to give you that free-floating ghoul look. Never fear when this phantom comes calling, though. It only wants more chocolate!Spooktacular Snacking!Want to make a friend forever? Feed this sweet spook a treat. It will be so thankful that it might decide to haunt you till the end of your days. Don’t worry, the only thing in danger will be your cookie jar!

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