Feed Me Gorilla Costume for Kids

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Treats Aren’t Monkey BusinessIt’s a common misconception that gorillas only like to eat bananas. Before Tarzan went back to civilization, he introduced his furry family to the wonders of cheese and potato chips. The gorillas thought that this was the summit of human food until a group of zoologists visited the deep jungles of Africa a few years ago to study these amazing animals. They gained valuable knowledge – but lost a lot of the snacks they’d brought when the hungry beasts pilfered them from their supply tent. Now, gorillas are hooked on human food! This particular gorilla stowed away on a cargo ship and made his way to suburbia on a quest for Pop-Tarts and gummy worms. Any minute now, he’ll arrive on your doorstep and roar “FEED ME!”Product DescriptionThis Kid’s Feed Me Gorilla Costume is so much fun, it might make you pound on your chest with excitement! The 100 percent polyester pullover romper has plushy faux fur to simulate a gorilla’s thick pelt (or an awesome 1970s-style shag vest – you be the judge!) Big eyes begging for candy are embroidered on the front. No one will be able to resist giving you an extra scoop of jawbreakers! The gorilla mouth doubles as a big pocket to store treats and, yes, bananas!Monkeying around for MunchiesWhy chomp on bamboo shoots and grub for termites when you could be chowing down on chocolate bars and fruit snacks? With this awesome ape costume, treats are just a howl away. Go on, give us your best roar!

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