Feed Me gris kostume til børn

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Cuteness RivalsIf you had to pick one animal as the cutest you’d hands-down give it to pigs. You can’t watch enough videos of them snorting around living rooms while wiggling their pink bellies in time to whatever song is playing. Their flat snouts and curly tails just about bring you to your knees every time you see a picture. And the last time you fed a couple piglets at the petting zoo, you could hardly contain yourself. The only living thing that you find cuter is your toddler.That tiny tot of yours puts even the plumpest, pinkest, squeakiest piggies to shame. Every time they giggle some magic creature definitely earns a set of wings or two. When they learn a new word, you can’t help but burst with pride like they’ve just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Your favorite may just be when they start a game of dress up. Every time they wind up strutting out of their room in an oversized t-shirt they found in the laundry paired with nothing else but brightly colored rain boots you cheer on their fashion show. The only thing that could possibly compare is a piglet wearing the same.Product DetailsWe’re sure you can find video of pigs wearing costumes on the internet, but you can have something even better at home when you add this Feed Me Pig Costume to your toddler’s wardrobe. Combining your two favorite things, this adorable tunic is made with a cuddly-soft pink fabric and is stuffed with fiberfill for a plump appearance. The loose-fit, pullover tunic lets your toddler add their own unique style to the look while you can add layers to keep them cozy and warm.Sweet and SimpleKeep things simple this Halloween. You want your toddler to look sweet without too much fuss, and this plush pink pig tunic will accomplish that quick. And while your toddler plays their way through their trick-or-treat fun, you won’t have to worry about carry an overloaded treat-bag because this smiling piggy doubles as a candy pocket!

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