Feed Me Lion Child Costume

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All Fun and GamesThe moment your toddler got you to take the piece of cereal they offered you, a new game began. Every tasty snack put on their highchair tray is now for sharing; one for them, one for you. If you don’t take the soggy puff or half-eaten apple slice, you get penalized with a very disapproving glare or shriek. You never would have guessed that the game would be anything to worry about. Sharing fresh fruit and crackers at home just showed your toddler had already grasped an important concept. But then you visited the zoo.The petting zoo was great. A quarter’s worth of pellets let your toddler feed the goats and cows while they nibbled on their own snack; you only had to stop them from trying the pellets once. Visiting the monkeys was no problem. They were all too busy sharing bugs behind their glass enclosures to need your toddler’s offered treats. Then you parked the stroller at the lions and the game was on. The “Don’t feed the animals” sign did nothing to keep your toddler from trying to toss their cereal over the fence. Luckily their throwing arm isn’t as strong as their sense of giving. But you encouraged a quick goodbye to the lions and headed to the gift shop and home anyway.Product DetailsSharing is caring, so encourage your toddler’s kindness with this Feed Me Lion Costume for kids. It may not be the same as feeding a real lion, but it may save everyone from another round of your little one’s favorite game! The adorable costume consists of a plush tunic designed to look like a happy lion’s face. Super-soft polyester is given its shape with poly-foam for a plump look. The 3D lion face features a plush main, muzzle, and teeth under appliqued eyes. And your toddler will love sharing toys and treats in the open mouth that doubles as a candy pocket!Sharing is CaringWhether it’s playtime or Halloween night, this Child Feed Me Lion Costume will let your toddler share the fun with everyone. One piece of candy for them and another for their lion friend!

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