Feed Me Skeleton Kids Costume

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A Rumbly in your Tummy….Cavity Something has gone terribly wrong. You woke up in a wooden box and had to dig your way out from under six feet of packed soil and grumpy earthworms. When you clawed free from the dirt, onlookers screamed and ran. Not even a friendly wave from you or a cheerful “Hello!” was enough to stop them in their tracks. How rude! Worst of all, you’ve never been so hungry in your life. Remember the saying that too-thin people are nothing but skin and bones? Well, you’re nothing but bones! In fact, it looks like you’re now just a skeleton’s head. That explains the appetite (and maybe the shrieking). Better sit down for a nice meal right away. Oh, waiter!Product DetailsYour friends will scream with delight when you wear your Kids Feed Me Skeleton Costume! The 100 percent polyester tunic foam is printed with a happy skeleton’s toothy face. The tunic stays in place with a hook and loop fastener on the back and an elastic bottom hem. Dark, staring sockets are printed on the tunic’s front, endlessly seeking fresh goodies. The bony mouth doubles as a pocket to hold treats. Remember, the more candy you get, the sooner Mr. Skeleton will be full, so everyone should give you extra!No Bones About ItSo what if you’re a skeleton – that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fine meal! May we recommend, however, that you avoid eating messy meals on your mom’s carpet? Skeletons are known for their glowing grins, but not for their ability to retain their food!

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