Fierce Feline Costume for Women | Sexy Cat Costume | Cat Jumpsuit

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GOOD, BAD, SO LONG AS ITS BEAUTIFULFelines have a way of making us all just a little crazy. Whether it is forcing us to dive into YouTube holes of endless cat videos or turning us into yowling madmen, yelling into the night at the tom cats that are ‘enjoying’ their early morning songs, everything from kittens to old alleycats seem to know just what to do to push our buttons. So, when a human takes on those feline characteristics and blends the natural compelling qualities of the cat with the innovative and intentional choices of exactly how to drive the rest of us batty, what can one even do to compete? Well, the old saying seems truer than ever. If you can’t beat them, join them. So, consider us loyal cat people from here on out! FUN DETAILSAs part of the show of our new devotion, we’d like to offer up this Fierce Feline Women’s Costume to help you elevate your already purrfect position to the next tier. This polyester and spandex blend bodysuit has a shiny wet-finish look that turns it from comfy to dangerous in the snap of a finger. The elbow length black gloves only intensify that exotic strength while the stuffed cat ears attached to the headband make for a nearly complete feline transformation. But, don’t forget the shimmering sequin-covered felt eye mask that will keep your identity just as secret as you desire. BRING ALL THE TOMCATS TO THE YARDIt isn’t enough just to be the top cat in the prowl. You need minions as well! So, when you’re getting ready to conquer your city block, make sure that those mewling tom cats know who is the boss! Before long, you’ll command the whole gothic cityscape and then… who knows. Belly pets, perhaps?

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