Fireball Bottle Adult Costume

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It’s a Fireball NightHave you ever had a Fireball night? They usually start out just like any other normal night. You decide to have a beer or two with your buds. Then, someone gets the wild idea to break out the bottle of Fireball. You take a few sips of that cinnamon-flavored whiskey and something about the night just… changes. That fiery flavor helps release that inner free spirit that’s been bottled up inside of you! You decide to seize the night. You head out into the world. You find yourself striking up a conversation with that neighbor you never talked to before. You find the courage to head out onto the dance floor to show off your moves. Maybe you even muster up the courage to talk to your crush!Yes, that’s a Fireball night and you’ll be talking about that night for years to come! If you want to prepare yourself for the ultimate Fireball night, then it’s time to dress up in this adult Fireball Bottle Costume.Product DetailsThis awesome costume is an officially licensed outfit from the flavored whiskey known for making some memorable nights! The costume comes with a simple polyfoam tunic that’s shaped like a liquor bottle. It has the Fireball bottle printed onto the front, complete with the red dragon on the front. It has a generous opening for your head near the top along with openings for your arms and legs. Just slip it on and you’ll be ready to start your Fireball night.Share with FriendsWhether you love Fireball or you want to help begin an epic night, this simple costume is the perfect costume for it! And like real Fireball, it’s best shared with your best buds, so make sure to wear this with a few good friends!

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