Fisherman Kit Costume for Men

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GET TO THE LAKE EARLYTrying to wake up before the fish and getting there before they’ve already gotten wise to you would-be hunters is usually half or more of the game. By the time most are there with their lines in the water, the memo has already been passed around and the fish are tactically avoiding you.If the early bird gets the worm, you’ve got to be up before the bird and the worm if you have any hope of using it to get the fish. But, getting the fisherfolk look cracking takes time, too. What are you supposed to go? Get out there before dusk just to be there for the dawn!? DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately for you, our in-house team of designers are already used to being at the grindstone in the early morning. (Heck, we usually don’t let them even leave!) Because of that, they know just how to help you cut corners with time while still holding onto the glory of high-quality gear, such as this Fisherfolk Kit! This offwhite bucket hat has brown trim and a plastic bobber attached. The light tan mesh vest zips closed and has pockets for all your tackling needs. Those fish won’t see what’s coming!TRICK THE FISH IN STYLEWhen you show up to the lake earlier than anyone thanks to the time you save with this Fisherfolk Kit, you’ll be certain that the fish fry will not only be on but it will be stylish. Just… remember your fishing pole, we suppose!

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