Flight Attendant Costume for Girls

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SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTSDoes your kiddo want to travel all over the world? See sights and visit places that they might never have visited otherwise? Would they also like to meet all sorts of interesting people while working in a profession that just keeps growing? Well, we think that they would love stepping onto an airplane or passenger jet and zooming off into the skies! Time to see if your kiddo has what it takes to be a member of a flight crew! The life of a flight attendant has certainly changed over the last couple of decades! No longer are were merely in the days where the flight crew would either be flying the plane or serving a drink. Now, our quick-witted deckhands on the airplane are here to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable on the flight… but YouTube shows us how many of them are also making that whole process pretty darned entertaining!DESIGN & DETAILSIt is time to let your kiddo blend comedian, world-traveler, and safety authority together with this exclusive Flight Crew costume for kids. This is a tailored jacket and pencil skirt combo that is Made By Us and sure to provide several flights of fun. The jacket has faux pearls on the front and princess cut seams, all with a rich blue and white color scheme. The white belt stretches and uses hook and loop fastening in the back. The foam hat features a wing on the side and the flight deck pin completes the look! WHERE WILL YOU GO?When your tyke is the head of the flight crew, we’re sure that you’ll soon be enjoying all manner of pretend flights. Until you can actually take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, you can enjoy this vicarious fun. The question is where you’ll be heading!?

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