Florence Nightingale Girl’s Costume

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Germ-Free Girl PowerOnce upon a time, going to the hospital was not exactly the sanitary experience it is today. Doctors weren’t super familiar with the concept of washing their hands before and after completing a gory surgery, for instance, which is super gross. Enter Florence Nightingale! She applied her powerful mind and skilled scientific observational skills to the problem of patient mortality and said, “Hey guys… maybe you should use more soap.” Boom! Major medical advancement! Product DetailsChannel the original Lady with the Lamp when you wear your exclusive Florence Nightingale Costume for Women! The ankle-length black dress is made of soft polyester fabric. The princess-cut bodice has a high collar trimmed with yellow ruffles that match the color of the sleeve cuffs. The yellow broadcloth pinafore apron has a same-fabric neck band and ties around your waist with attached ties. The broadcloth arm band is printed with a red cross and is made of the same material as the ruffled cap. A toy lantern would be the perfect accessory! The Next Scientific Genius Are you interested in the medical field, or in fascinating historical figures, or both? Great! This Florence Nightingale costume is for you! Maybe the outfit will inspire you to find the cure for the common cold or for any number of medical issues. Please note that the costume doesn’t actually give you the know-how for sawing off people’s legs on a battlefield, but that’s probably a good thing. That sounds less fun than collecting trick-or-treat candy anyway.

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