Flower Petal Candy Catcher Costume for Girls

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Theory of Candy-synthesisPlants take carbon dioxide, water, and light in and create oxygen and sugar. Or, so your child told you when they explained photosynthesis to you recently. In the back of your mind, you dug up the record of learning the same lesson and nodded along while they broke it down a little further. Plants use the sugar as food! Their main energy source comes from sugar! Sugar is a good source of energy! If I were a plant, I wouldn’t need to eat anything but candy!Before you realized it, you were agreeing that a candy-diet was a good idea and that you’d help your child test their theory. It was a bit later when they came to you asking about the plant costume you had promised them for their science fair presentation. Like a sugar-rush, it all came back to you and you were struck with the realization that you didn’t have time to create the candy-powered sunflower they were hoping for.Product DetailsWith this Candy Catcher Costume, your child can show how a little plant can run on petals full of sugar! This 5 piece costume will transform your child into the sweet sunflower of their dreams. The green velour tunic, leggings, and armbands feature a vine design that will help them feel they are one with nature. The look is finished with a foam skirt designed to look like flower petals and a yellow-petaled headband. Each of the 6 petals on the skirt double as pockets for storing as much candy and as one kid can handle. Even if it won’t prove plants can skip photosynthesis for candy, your kiddo will be ready to test that sweet theory!Sweet as CandySee how much sugar one flower can produce with this Flower Petal Candy Catcher Costume. Whether they believe sugar is the answer to healthy growth or your kiddo just wants to bring some sunshine to Halloween, they’ll be ready in this sweet costume!

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