Founding Father Costume for Men

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Time to PartyMost people don’t know this interesting fact about the Founding Fathers: a few days before the Constitution was set to go into effect (sometime in 1787), George Washington threw a huge party for 55 of the signatures (including Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison, etc.) that literally drank the bar dry. The receipt, when converted to current standards, came to over $15,000 just for alcohol, and included over 100 bottles of wine, 8 bottles of whiskey, almost fifty bottles of beer, and seven bowls of alcoholic punch. But hey, if they just created a new government, they deserved to unwind, right? So, if you’re planning on bringing the party when you go out, then you need this Adult Founding Father Costume-it’s surprisingly infused with fun-loving style!Really, this look tells everyone the good times are here! Whether you’re bringing the best board games for game night, the greatest hand-formed patties for the tailgate, or the tastiest mead for a night in, this is the revolutionary look you need.Fun DetailsThis look is styled after the fashions of the late 18th century, and boy does it look good. The black jacket has a stand-up collar with wide sleeve cuffs and features false pockets flaps on each side, as well as two rows of decorative metallic silver buttons. The pants stretch to fit comfortably and stylishly. Finally, the vest front wraps around the neck and includes satin ribbon waist ties. All you need now is a tricorn hat, knicker-style socks, and a feather pen to record some history-making ideas (and party notes!).Watch Out for Red CoatsRemember, the Founding Fathers were revolutionary in their thinking. The Brits saw them as the worst kind of treasonous traitors. So, if you’re going to join their partying ranks, just make sure to keep an eye out for any double-crossing loyalists! But other than staying safe…make sure to have fun that would make the Founding Fathers proud.

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