Frankenstein monster kjole til pige

157,00 kr.

Color: Green/Black
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Amscan
Network: Commission Junction

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Frankenstein’s Monster 2.0.Doc Frankenstein learned a lot from his first lab creation. It turns out that people are scared of creepy guys who moan a lot and look as though they were sewn together from corpses. For his second try, he decided to make his creature out of sugar and spice and everything nice, so to speak. He zapped her with lightning and when she came to life, she was exactly what he had envisioned: The kind of cutie who would get a lot of Halloween candy! Product DetailsGet your spook on with this Miss Monster Tutu Costume for Girls! The outfit includes a dark green dress with a black mesh neckline and jagged ruffles at each shoulder. The bodice and the skirt are both detailed with stitch and patchwork graphics. The black and white sleeves match the included black and white leggings. Top it off with the headpiece shaped like Frankenstein’s head, complete with printed black hair, stitch marks, a mini heart, and bolts. It’s attached to a comfy plastic headband. Monster MakeoverMost monsters cause those who see them to scream and run as far away as they can. This monster is the opposite: She makes people want to stay and go “Awww!” over how cute her costume is! Is that a trick on her part to lure people closer? Probably, but she’s not the kind of spook who would want to scare the townsfolk. She just wants to have a good time dressing up with her friends.

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