Frankenstein’s Monster Men’s Costume

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The Price of BeautyIf you’ve noticed, most of the classic movie monsters aren’t exactly known for being 10s on the gorgeous gauge. Werewolves might have a luxurious head of hair, but they’ve got it everywhere else, too. And, since they spend a lot of time outside, that means they have to deal with fleas and that weird smell that never really goes away. Mummies have a similar scent issue. You’d think that would be no problem with all the mummification, but dust bunnies are the real curse.Vampires often have that seductive quality to them but, one, they can’t see themselves in a mirror, so getting rid of coffin-head is impossible… plus there is that whole Nosferatu rat-faced-horror thing going on for some. And ghosts? Well, when you can see them, it isn’t pretty. Really, the only way to ensure that you have the perfect look for a night out on the haunted town is to craft your look, piece by piece, selecting from the best of all possible resources! Design & DetailsIt is time to become the most beautiful brute, the most handsome hulk, the studliest of spirits that the world has ever known with this Frankenstein’s Monster costume! Our own in-house design team has worked with the mad doctor to dig up the perfect components to ensure that the whole world stunned the moment they see you. We’ve got an avant-garde outfit of tattered, patched pants, a purple striped tank top, neck bolts, and a shaggy green headpiece… because extra forehead is all the rage this season.Scare Off the CompetitionThose other famous monsters couldn’t hold a candle to the fetching face of this Frankenstein’s Monster look. That’s partly because of that whole “Fire! Bad!” thing, of course, but we’re sure one glorious glare from your monstrous mug will have you winning the beauty contest… even if it is because everyone else ran away.

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