Freak Show Ringmistress Costume For Girls

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Let’s Give ‘Em a Show!Your little girl is quite the performer, isn’t she? Doesn’t she always seem to steal the show? Life in the spotlight just seems to fit her perfectly. There’s no need for her to blend in with a hoard of zombies or a pack of werewolves. Why should she dress up as a princess and get lost in the parade of pampered royalty? Not this year! No, this Halloween she can go out in this Freak Show Ringmistress Costume for girls.The circus is coming to your neighborhood and your kiddo will be in the center ring. She’ll command everyone’s attention with a crack of her whip and that charismatic personality. Sure there are plenty of creepy clowns and abnormal acrobats at her Freak Show, but it’s the Ringmistress that everybody has come to see!Style Fit for the StageThe pullover tank dress has length-adjustable narrow shoulder straps. The skirt can be shortened on each side by gathering the slack up and tying the attached ribbons. The jacket has a line of buttons down the front as well as waist ties made of ribbon. A gold braid goes along the edging of the jacket accompanied by a ruffled lapel. There is a headband that the mini top hat is attached to because those little hats are awfully hard to balance atop your head. Lastly, there is a pair of spats that are detailed with printed buttons and have elastic underfoot to make sure of a secure fit.Lights, Cameras, Showtime!Once your kiddo tosses on this Freak Show Ringmistress Costume on, she won’t feel right until the spotlight is on her. Whether she wishes to trick or treat, entertaining your friends and neighbors one by one, or amuse an entire costume party at once is up to her. Either way, we know she’ll rock it like a superstar!

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