Freddy the Fox Toddler Costume

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A Fox in Your MidstWe hear some things have gone mysteriously missing from your kitchen…there was the night the leftover pizza was gobbled by morning, the day the homemade jam jar was licked clean and left empty on the kitchen table, and of course, the great cookie incident of a week back!Hmmm…either you have a hungry ghost, or…there’s a sneaky little fox in your midst! Aha! We thought that might be the case. Your child is a sly little critter, who’s excellent at evading human detection and determined to fill their cache for winter. Our advice? Don’t fight it. We’ve seen this kind of thing of thing before. The best solution is to get your child this Toddler Freddy the Fox Costume and embrace their animal instincts! After all, they can’t help their inner nature. And you must admit, having a little fox kit around is pretty cute-just look at this costume!Product DetailsYour babe will be on the prowl in this adorable outfit. And who can blame them? This costume is totally transformative! The cozy little tunic is slightly oversized and puffed out a bit, to give your child a realistic fox-like body. There is a patch of white “fur” on the chest and tail, but the rest is a perfect, tawny-brown fox color! The matching headpiece gives your kid a sweet little fox face, without concealing their own adorable mug! All in all, it’s totally worth losing a few baked goods over, isn’t it? Yeah, we think so, too!If At First, You Don’t Succeed…Sly, Sly Again The only downside to this costume is that your child will want to wear it ALL the time. And the more they wear it, the more foxlike they become. And the more they channel their inner fox, well, you can imagine…you may need to fox-proof the fridge!

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