Friend Bear Costume T-Shirt for Adults

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Friends Are What it’s All AboutEverything is better with a good friend. Whether you’re heading out to see that new movie, listening to some good music in your room, or just grabbing a bite to eat, it always feels great to share it with a friend. Of course, the best friend of them all is Friend Bear from the Care Bears! Friend Bear devotes all of her time to being the best friend that she can be! She’s always there for her fellow Care Bears when they need her and in turn, they always take care of her.If you’re all ready to become the best friend that you can be, then maybe it’s time to dress up as Friend Bear from the Care Bears! This Friend Bear Unisex Costume T-Shirt for adults is the easiest way for you to transform into your favorite character from the series.Product DetailsNow, you can become your favorite member of the Care Bears in an instant! It’s an exclusive shirt that’s officially licensed from the cartoon series. This crew neck shirt comes in a mellow orange color, just like Friend Bear’s fur. The shirt has a crew neck style and has a 100% cotton construction, which makes it a great choice for everyday wear. The front features Friend Bear’s signature belly badge, which has two smiling flowers in the middle. Be sure to check out all of our Care Bears shirts and costumes to help you channel your inner Care Bear!

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