Fringe Toddler Hippie Costume

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Peace!All you need is love. Someone important once said that. We’re of the opinion that big slices of cheesy pizza are also a necessity, but peace and love are definitely near the top of our list. When your little girl wears this far out Fringe Hippie Toddler Costume, she can help spread some good vibes and look the part of those who came before her. With her radiating beauty and chill aura, hopefully, everyone can just, like, mellow out, man!Design & DetailsOur exclusive Made By Us Toddler Fringe Hippie Costume comes with so much: a dress, vest, headband, and a pair of boot covers. The mini dress has a scoop neck and a paisley print all over down to the cute long bell sleeves. The faux suede vest and boot covers have tiers of fringe. The headband fabric matches the dress, too, so you don’t have to worry about that messing with your vibes. And because it’s Made By Us, you know love and care went into each and every stitch of this custom costume. If she needs anything cool to go with her retro ensemble, anything beaded or tie-dyed will look far-out, man! All you need is love and a few other things, right?San Fran FunThis chic look will let your kid show how much she digs world peace and universal love, but there are quite a few other things she can do to further the cause. Thing #1: she could start a jam band with her pals and tour around the block, putting on festivals for the neighbors and eventually performing a viral cover of her favorite 70s folk record. Thing #2: she can make flower garlands to pass out to her classmates or fellow trick-or-treaters. Spreading love like this will surely make your next lemonade stand a smash hit.

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