Garfield Adult Licensed Inflatable Costume

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A Big Hairy DealFrom causing trouble for Jon to enjoying a friendly rivalry with Odie, Garfield always made us all laugh. Opening the funny page in the newspaper was always a joy growing up. While mom and dad read about the local news, you got to enjoy this goofy orange feline’s hijinks. It’s one of the memories you cherish the most. But why leave it in the past? Now you can bring the hilarity from the classic comic strips you enjoyed so much to the costume party this Halloween!Grab this Adult Garfield Inflatable Costume and enjoy a night as your favorite cartoon cat. No pan of lasagna will be safe when you enter the room. No sassy comment will go unsaid. And no Monday will ever feel loved while you’re around. You can give everyone a good laugh as you perform one tomfoolery after another. Maybe we should call them JONfooleries, since Mr. Arbuckle will be on the receiving end of most of your shenanigans!Details, Nice TouchThis costume will make you look more animated than ever for Halloween. With its bright coloring and exaggerated features, it will look as if Garfield jumped off the pages of your Sunday newspaper. This costume is designed to give you a plump appearance. The feet of this costume are designed to look like a cat’s paws. The arms of this costume taper down to smaller four-fingered paws that will all you use of your hands.Garfield’s face feature’s his beloved smirk. His large squinted eyes, his little pink nose, and his rounded chubby cheeks. His ears and whiskers are attached to the top and sides of the inflated head. You will have limited vision through the white mesh fabric on the eyes.

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