George Washington Costume for Men

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Father of the CountrySo we know you know all about George Washington. Who doesn’t? The first president of the United States (voted upon unanimously), a key member of the Founding Fathers, and military leader during the Revolutionary War. But there’s more to old George than that. For instance, did you know he was big into farming? Like big into farming (we’re talking thousands of acres here). He was also homeschooled, and he was a land surveyor. Pretty neat, huh? You knew all of that too? Dang. We were trying to impress you with our historical knowledge. You must be quite the history buff. Or quite the buff of historical musicals at least. We hope you’ll realize that even if we don’t know as much as you do about our illustrious George, we still admire him as much as you do. As a matter of fact, we admire him so much that we want you to be able to dress up like him if you’re so inclined. Fun DetailsSo, if you’re feeling like a military leader or perhaps partially presidential, maybe our George Washington Costume is for you. This outfit is 100 percent polyester. The pants are a “knicker” style with an elastic waistband. There are also faux leather boot tops, and the blue jacket has an attached vest with decorative buttons down the front. There’s even a cravat (that neck kerchief thingy) to wrap around your neck with a Hook and Loop fastener closure. Sounds fairly dapper, no? Put this on and you’ll be feeling like an elite member of the colonies in no time.Their Own Vine and Fig TreeAs President Washington once said, “Everyone shall sit under their own vine…” wait. You’ve already heard that quote too? Dangit. So much for showing off our Washington knowledge. Alright, you win. Go forth and channel old George and his moral uprightness and impress everyone with your superior Washington knowledge. Also. feel free to start with the right threads.

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