Ghost Cardinal Copia Men’s Costume

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The Ghost of Metal’s FutureFirst Papa Emeritus showed us a new way. With eerie songs like Stand By Him and Elizabeth, he and the Nameless Ghouls showed us a new way of metal. Then, came his time to retire. Papa Emeritus II took his place, followed by Papa Emeritus III. Of course, no good bloodline can last forever, which is why Papa Nihil decided to end the Emeritus bloodline… and he went and offed the whole Emeritus line, along with Sister Imperator, and the rest of the clergy. That’s when he decided it was time for a new leader and a new age of metal! He donned Cardinal Copia the new leader of Ghost, and now, metal will never be the same.If you want to pay homage to the latest and most ominous incarnation of the lead singer of Ghost, then it is time for you to wear this Cardinal Copia Costume, which is officially licensed by the metal band.Fun DetailsThis costume is inspired by the one designed by B Ackerlund, so you can get the full look of Tobias Forge’s sinister character from the band, Ghost. It comes with a pitch-black robe designed to look like the classic habits worn by Catholic priests. It also comes with a black hat to complete the look. The outfit has a commanding presence and it will definitely make you feel like taking to the stage to spread the… “good” word.Command the StageIf you want to take on the role of metal’s most sinister frontman, then it’s time that you get this officially licensed Ghost costume. All you need to do is gather up a crew of Nameless Ghouls to join you and you’ll be ready to take control of the stage in true metal style.

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