Ghostbusters Afterlife Mini-Puft Child Inflatable Costume

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Work You to DeathOf all the movies that cover the unfinished business of ghosts and specters, you have never seen one that matches your lived experience. You can definitely sympathize more with the ghosts you know who were seeking after lost loves, relationships failures, or to avenge their deaths, but your story is somewhat more mundane.You worked at an accounting firm for years, but you never thought that you would actually work yourself to death! Still, when it happened, you didn’t let the shock affect you until your scheduled break! Ever since then you’ve been to trying to wrap up all the accounts and projects that you handled in your job, but your boss keeps adding more! Leave it to those corporate guys to take advantage of free labor!Undying Devotion to StyleWorking your unfinished business out can be a real challenge, but we can assure you that it will be a lot more fun when you do it in this Ghostbusters Afterlife Mini-Puft Child Inflatable Costume. This surprisingly comfortable costume comes with the blower hardware that you need to look suitably puffed and to stay that way! This movie-accurate costume has all the features that will earn you instant recognition from anyone you meet. The hat and perfect smile are both built into the costume, so you do not have to worry about losing either one!Haunting with a SmileIf you are looking for the perfect Ghostbusters Afterlife costume for your children, then you are in the right place! You will love seeing them bounce around in this spooky-good spectacle.Just make sure you bring an Electronic Proton Pack just in case!

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