Ghostbusters Afterlife Muncher Inflatable Kid’s Costume

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Metal ManiacOkay, before we proceed, we have to ask something. This ghost is a “free-floating metal muncher . . . class 5, right?” That’s all and well. Our fundamental question is, what happens to the metal after he eats it? Does it become ghost metal? It must be because he was floating through walls and even a few people during the chase scene. Yet, we also see him spit out what looks like small pieces of metal from his mouth to defend himself against the Ecto-1. It’s not super important to the overall movie; we just have a blast picking things apart for your enjoyment. Speaking of joy, you will be drowning in jubilance when you trap our Kid’s Ghostbusters Afterlife Muncher Inflatable Costume.FUN DetailsThis kid’s inflatable costume is officially licensed. If you are a fan of the movie or movie-themed costumes, you’ll love this depiction of ole Muncher. He was pretty funny, actually showing some intelligence as he ran for his life. You almost feel bad for the guy. If you want to find this guy a home, make sure you have plenty of scrap metal and a Proton pack, just in case.

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