Giant Inflatable Unicorn Costume for a Child

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The Most Amazing DayOh, don’t mind her. She’s just walking around her life, taking care of schoolwork, prancing on the playground with her friends, and being generally magical. Why do you look so surprised? Haven’t you ever seen a full-sized unicorn before?Honestly, you really must pick your jaw up off the floor; it’s not polite to stare. We know she looks fantastic and totally fun in this costume, but it’s going to be hard for her to go about her day without causing a stir. So if your child loves attention and bringing fun and joy to those around her, this Giant Inflatable Unicorn Costume will have her stopping traffic and taking first prize in any costume contest! It’s a truly memorable look that’s as magical as she is-and that’s really saying something! Her world should be rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns for as long as possible, so gift her this spectacular suit and help her live out her wildest dream this Halloween!Product DetailsThis suit is super-duper-awesome-amazing (her words, not ours)! She just needs to step into the unicorn’s front legs, insert the proper batteries, connect all the parts according to the instructions, and zip up the whole look! Poof-she’s a unicorn! Ahhh! That’s so cool. All of her friends will look on with envy as she strolls the halls as a real-life unicorn. It’s almost too good to be true. Almost, except we’d never lie to you. Especially about a unicorn.On the HornJust know that the moment she gets this costume, your kid will be on the phone ALL DAY telling her pals about it. You never know, she could even become a social media sensation in this look. Most importantly, though, she’s elated to get to live out Halloween as her favorite creation and to get to spread a little magic in the world!

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