Giraffe Kid’s Costume

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Is it her Giraffe time? We always knew she had it in her. Of course, her neck is still in the growing phase. But she has all the spots in all the right places. And the tail. And the cute smile! Yes, she’s going to grow up to be a real great Giraffe. When she has this Giraffe costume for kids!This adorable costume will have her ready to head to the zoo to hang out with her new friends, and she’ll be looking sharp in fleece spots too. She probably won’t be able to reach the tall branches for a quick snack, but if she makes nice with the tower of Giraffe, they’ll help her munch on the delicious leaves.Of course, in reality, she’s going to be hanging out with her human friends, and not the four legged ones. But we’re sure all the kiddos will all appreciate her animal ways when she goes in this cute jumpsuit costume! You could dress up all her little friends in costumes, too, and they don’t have to be giraffes either. You can combine all kinds of animals together for an eclectic mix of zoo creatures!As a one piece hooded jumpsuit, this giraffe costume for for boys and girls is a fantastic choice. And with soft-sculpted facial features on the top of the hood, any little kiddo is going to have a real cute smile sitting on top of their head! Get it for the trip to the zoo or for dress up day, and we’re sure that the event will be extra, extra special. In fact, it might even be giraffe-a-riffic!

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