Girls Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

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ASTRONAUTSBeing an astronaut would be pretty awesome. You’d get to see the earth from space and experience what it’s like without gravity! But there is one major downside. You can’t go trick or treating while out there! It’s kind of tricky to go door to door asking for candy when there is nothing outside of your ship except for the empty vacuum of space. Oh well, someday we’ll be able to trick or treat in space. Someday, hopefully not too far in the future, people will be living all over out in space around earth. Then you’ll be able to trick or treat in space. You just throw on your space suit and float from house to house, grabbing all the candy you can. and the best part would be that you’d never get tired of walking because it’s so easy to move up there. You could circle the whole earth trick or treating if you really wanted to, though you probably wouldn’t finish in one day! FUN DETAILS This costume will turn your aspiring astronaut into the real thing! Well, kind of. We wouldn’t test this suit out in space. The jumpsuit is bright orange and white and has a zipper down the front to help when putting it on. The sleeves and chest each have an emblem to help give this costume a more authentic feel. All you’ll need to do now is grab the boots and the helmet and your costume will be complete! SPACE TRICK OR TREATINGWell, trick or treating in space is a ways out yet. So, in the meantime, you’ll have to make the most of trick or treating on solid ground. Still, we think you’ll have a great time. We hope that you can fill your candy sack to the brim!

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