Girls Avengers Endgame Deluxe Rescue Costume

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Rescue to the Rescue!Okay, so maybe Pepper needs to work on the tagline for whenever she rushes off to get Iron Man out of trouble. When your superhero moniker is a name like Rescue, the standard ones don’t really roll off the tongue so well. “Go, Rescue!” sounds more like a command and a legion of other heroes scouting, “Yay, Rescue is here!” sounds like they are cheering about being saved. (Then again, Pepper Potts has certainly saved the day a number of times, so that is still pretty true.)We need someone imaginative to help figure out the perfect way to save the day and still have something cool to say. So, naturally, we’re looking to the younger generation to help us out. Some might ask how we could expect children to step into the role of a superhero and save the slogan, but those kiddos have quite the power set, if we’re being honest. Naturally, we don’t expect anyone to take on such a daunting task without help, though. Let’s boot up the suit! Fun DetailsYour tyke is going to feel all the might of Tony Stark’s ingenuity when they gear up with this officially licensed Avengers: Endgame Deluxe Rescue costume. This comfy jumpsuit is padded with quilted foam to give the whole costume an armored look. Meanwhile, it is printed to show off the purple and gold color scheme of Pepper Pott’s power armor. Whether saving Stark from certain doom or going on an adventure of their own, your tyke will love the molded helmet that completes this marvelous Marvel look. It’s Rescue Time!When your tyke is ready to save the world, this Deluxe Rescue costume from Endgame is a great way to show off some of the more unique characters. Anyway, somebody needs to take over Iron Man’s role for the next adventure!

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