Girls Batgirl Deluxe Costume

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The Hero Gotham NeedsSomeone’s always attacking this city. If it’s not the Riddler, it’s the Joker, and if it’s not the Joker, it’s Poison Ivy, and if it’s not Poison Ivy, it’s some combination of the three (or even more) that has teamed up to take down the Dark Knight. Perhaps its time for another helm at the city’s superhero helm? Batguys aren’t the only ones with mad skills, you know! The supervillains will never see you coming until you’ve crushed their evil plots, saved all of the citizens and shown once again that girls can do anything! Product DetailsSwoop to the rescue in an officially licensed Batgirl Deluxe Costume for Kids! Bad guys will cower when you show up dressed to defend in a bright purple jumpsuit. The one-piece polyester bodysuit is printed with a yellow and black Batman symbol across the chest. Its long sleeves and legs protect your limbs against the Joker’s sinister pranks. Its sleeves turn yellow at the elbow and include built-in fingerless gloves with yellow foam spikes. The attached yellow boot tops are printed with criss-cross black laces for a fashionable yet practical touch. The matching cape has a purple foam collar to complement the black batwing-style material. A foam utility belt centered around a Batman symbol and a black half-mask with attached bat ears completes the look. I’M BATGIRL!Gotham needs you once again! Suit up and bring your bats for a showdown that will make you even more famous than that alien from Krypton.

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