Girl’s Black Widow Deluxe Costume

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The Superpower of SneakingIt’s true. Avengers like the Hulk and Thor might have every superpower under the sun, but they both lack subtely. Don’t ask either of them to sneak into an enemy base and steal secret plans without alerting the guards. They’d end up destroying the whole place without even getting their hands on the secret plans! And don’t even ask them to put on a disguise… the enemy would recognize them in an instant. That’s why the Avengers needs someone like Black Widow. Her unique skill set means she can tackle any mission that needs a touch of espionage.Perhaps your child has the sneaky skills to become the iconic member of the Avengers! With this child Black Widow Costume, your child gets a chance to use her talent in stealth to head on the next mission.Fun DetailsBased on the outfit from the Black Widow movie, this girls costume starts with a black jumpsuit that has printed armor on the exterior. The suit fits with a simple fastener in the back and comes with a foam belt that fits around the waist. The belt buckle is gold and it even lights up in a soft, red glow. When your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to sneak her way into any mission!

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