Girl’s Brilliant Buccaneer Costume

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Buc the TrendsIf your gal is more a leader than a follower, more an adventurer than an observer, more a doer than a thinker, and more apt to take risks than to play it safe, then lo and behold, matey. You may have a willful little pirate on your hands!Want to be sure? Have her slip on this Kid’s Brilliant Buccaneer Costume and see what she gets up to. Does she immediately ask for her sword to protect her from attacking ships? Does she come downstairs and order her little brother to swab the deck before breakfast? Does she return from the pet store with a new parrot, or invest her savings in a vintage trunk to store her treasure? If you said “yes” to any of the above, then it’s confirmed! Your fearless kiddo is headed for a life at sea, so it may be best to stay on her good side. Design & DetailsShiver me timbers! This may be the most incredible pirate costume we’ve ever seen. Made exclusively by our in-house designers, this look comprises incredible details fit for only the most feared and revered pirates. It includes the stunning deep pink brocade jacket complete with gold buttons, dramatic cuffs, and an attached belt. The boot covers bring in the same deep pink hue and make your kid’s footwear appear instantly seaworthy. The shirt is a black background printed with golden pirate skulls, as well as a frilly white collar. Add the tricorn hat – a pirate staple – and your little scallywag is ready for the high seas…or at least an amazing night of trick or treating!

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