Girls Deluxe Shimmer Costume

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“Genies divine!”The genies we’re talking about are Shimmer and Shine, of course. Now, your little girl can dress as her favorite genie-in-training in this Deluxe Shimmer Costume, granting wishes on her own, or as part of a magical costumed duo! These genies may have a little ways to go before they are ready to be pros, but that doesn’t stop them from lending a helping hand (or granting a helping wish). Even though they sometimes end up with a bigger mess than they started off with, they still work together to fix things. Shimmer is always looking on the bright side, and wants everyone to have fun and be happy. She also loves cleaning (unlike her twin sister), which really comes in handy if their magic accidentally makes a real mess! And you can be sure, wherever their adventures take them, her faithful pet monkey Tala is by her side.Wow, for a genie named “Shimmer,” her outfit really lives up her name! The top of the costume jumpsuit is made of bright shimmery fabric, and the attached puffy pants, vest, and sash are covered in sparkling sequins. Your little genie’s hairstyle will look magical, too, with the headpiece that she can tie to her hair is bright pink, which is perfect since pink is Shimmer’s favorite color. She’ll have the best time ever playing dress up in this costume, or she can find a friend dressed as Shine for double the fun!

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