Girls Deluxe Shine Costume from Shimmer and Shine

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Ok, we looked into the formal complaint you filed. And no, your child hasn’t suddenly become excessively demanding. Our findings show that her newfound behavior of shouting out her wishes is actually not directed at you. You see, it turns out she has been watching Shimmer and Shine, her favorite show, and she believes that she now lives with two magical genies that grant her three wishes a day. So rest assured, your little darling is still in tact; she’s just busy playing make believe! One way to solve this problem, though, may be to turn her into a genie, herself, and let her grant some wishes for a change! It works on two levels: she gets to play and have fun dressed as her favorite character, and you get to watch her actually help out her little brother or pick up her room–depending on whose wishes she is busy granting. Of course, Shimmer and Shine’s magic sometimes…misses the mark…so don’t expect perfect execution from your little one. But in this Deluxe Shine Costume for Girls, your gal (and likely your home) is about to become much more lively and adventurous, that’s for sure!It’s like we always say Shine is the best genie there is. And your gal is likely to start looking after all of the family pets once she takes on Shine’s persona; see, animals are kind of Shine’s thing. This jumpsuit comes with an attached genie vest and belt, and the headpiece will make her feel like she’s just stepped out of Zahramay Falls and into your living room! So get the ball rolling by granting your gal this first wish (and unlike Shine, try to get it right), pick up this beautiful blue costume and watch her world turn upside with magic!

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