Girls Descendants 3 Evie Deluxe Costume

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A Designer With HeartWhen a gal has finally found her own true calling, nothing else can really hope to distract her back to more questionable ambitions. The Evil Queen might have wanted her daughter to follow down the road of dark magic and to use the Magic Mirror for evil ambitions, but Evie found that it was much easier to become the fairest of them all by trying to actually be fair to begin with! That’s why we’re so glad that Evie’s 4 Hearts has grown from a mere idea to a pretty stellar design. By doing her best to make everyone else look adorable, it is only natural that Evie is going to grow to become as beautiful as she could want, too… and all without any of those nasty magical tricks that got her mom into hot water and stuck on the Isle of the Lost! We’re fortunate to be able to offer some of Evie’s personal styles so your tyke can follow in Evie’s footsteps. Fun DetailsHelp show your kiddo just how fair the world can be when you offer them this Deluxe Evie costume. This is an officially licensed Evie look designed after her Evie’s 4 Hearts fashion in Descendants 3. The pants have a great blend of black, blue, and red as well as the 4 Hearts logo on the leg. The top is a long-sleeved dress with a pleated skirt and a zip up the front, all with matching color schemes. Top off the look with an Evie wig for that beautiful blue hair and your little Evie is ready for anything! Good Designs & Wicked Details!Evie sure knows what she’s doing when it comes to putting together fashion for Auradon’s folks. She’s blended some devious accents with comfortable styles to create looks just like this Deluxe Evie look that your kiddo is sure to enjoy.

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