Girl’s Dreadful Nun Costume

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What Are Little Girls Made Of?If you know the nursery rhyme, then you know that little girls are supposedly made of “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” However, if you know a little girl or you’ve ever been a little girl, then you know that’s not always true! Some of them would rather play in the mud than throw a tea party, and some would choose a witch’s cloak over a sparkly ball gown. So if you know a little girl who delights in the macabre rather than the saccharine, perhaps she’d enjoy wearing a scary nun costume for Halloween! We think there’s always something a little extra unsettling about characters who are usually seen as sweet and innocent becoming the embodiment of evil.Design & DetailsWe decided to make this Dreadful Nun Costume for all the girls who would rather be scary than saintly. The costume starts with a black dress that resembles a habit, except that all the edges have a tattered and torn look, and the skirt has a high front hemline to show off the leggings. The dress includes full-length flesh-toned sleeves with the jagged black dress sleeves on top. The similarly jagged collar and headpiece make the whole outfit look a little sinister, especially with the bloody upside-down cross on the collar. The mottled leggings match the full-length sleeves of the dress to give your child’s skin an eerie appearance. The last piece is a black pair of gloves to tie everything together. Your child can customize exactly how scary they want to be with a little bit of face paint and a pair of shoes.Spine-Chilling SisterIf your little girl would rather make you shriek than wear a crown, this Dreadful Nun Costume might be perfect for her. With a costume this creepy, she’s sure to have a great time haunting the neighborhood this Halloween!

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