Girl’s Flower Power Hippie Costume

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FLOWER POWERWhether or not you agree with everything hippies said and did, there is one thing that everyone can agree on. They had an awesome and totally groovy sense of style. They were progressive in so many ways, and style was definitely one! Their fashion was bold, with psychedelic patterns and colors so bright, they put the sun to shame. Their fashion reflected their lifestyle; they lived free, easy, and boldly. Are you going to be able to live like this? Are you going to be able to live up to the costume you are wearing? You’re going to have to be free and easy and carefree! But don’t let the burden of it stress you out, that goes against your new lifestyle! Just take it step by step, day by day, and enjoy! FUN DETAILS This flower power costume will serve as a constant reminder of your newfound lifestyle! You’ll be wearing a black stretchy tube top under a large vest. The vest is covered in flower print and has a fringed hemline. The pants are made of the same material as the vest and have an elastic waistband to hold them in place through even the rowdiest of music festivals! Now all you will need to grab is the wig and the jewelry, and your costume will be complete. HIPPIE VANWe know this is probably a stretch, but if you happen to have a big van, you should totally paint it to match your costume. Cruising around in a hippie van would make for a truly next level costume. It would just be a shame that you couldn’t bring it inside with you wherever you go; a costume that comes complete with a vehicle is the most all out costume we have ever heard of. We know it’s probably unrealistic, but if you can make it happen, do it!

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