Girls Frozen Elsa Travelling Dress Costume

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The Past Is Not What It SeemsFinally, all of your worries are behind you! Your reign over Arendelle has been peaceful and full of music, you have a great relationship with your sister Anna, your faithful snowman Olaf, and your friends Kristoff and Sven. Everything’s coming up roses….until you keep hearing a weird song that reminds you of a lullaby your mother used to sing to you before she disappeared, which leads you to go on a quest to discover your true powers and also uncover something not-so-good your grandpa did, but which eventually helps you to restore magic and bring peace to the whole land. Adventures can be hard, but when you face them with friends and courage, they always end well! Product DetailsHead into the unknown in royal style when you wear this officially licensed Frozen Elsa Travelling Dress Costume for Girls! The knee-length dress is the perfect choice for hiking through magical woods and climbing around inside an abandoned ship. Its satiny fabric is dyed a beautiful ombre that changes from light blue on the sleeves and bodice to a darker royal blue toward the bottom of the skirt. A white v-shaped inset gives detail to the bodice, as does the attached snowflake-printed sash. The skirt’s hemline is also decorated with blue and purple designs as well as printed rhinestones. Gauzy blue streamers are attached to the back of the shoulders, ready to flutter dramatically during your solo number! The Fifth Spirit Who knew that you would find such strong magic within you? You will definitely become the greatest ruler that Arendelle has ever had. Best of all, you have a water horse and a magic salamander. Your job comes with cool pets! What’s not to love?

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