Girl’s Goddess Athena Costume

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ATHENASo, you want to dress up as the Greek Goddess of wisdom? Well, what a wise choice. Of course, we’d expect nothing less. Your taste in Greek goddesses says volumes about you! You could have wanted to dress up as Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, or as Aphrodite, the goddess of love. But no, you chose Athena. This shows that you know the true value of knowledge!Which is brilliant, if you ask us! There is nothing you can’t accomplish without the power of your brain. Sure it’d be nice to be able to ensure a good harvest every year, but with a little bit of brain power, you can! And you don’t need to be the goddess of love to make someone like you, just show them your genius intellect, and they’ll love you forever. This is why in our eyes, Athena is the most powerful goddess of all. FUN DETAILS This costume is not fit for a queen. No, it is one step up from that. This costume is fit for a goddess! It comes with the elegant dress you see before you, fading from white to pink in a gentle ombre. The torso and waist of the dress are adorned with gold colored trim, and the shoulders have drapes that will flow behind your every move. Lastly, we have included the gold elastic headband, which comes adorned with gold colored leaves. This is a fitting look for the most brilliant goddess around! ATHENA You have probably already considered this because you are clearly very intelligent, but what if you grabbed some friends and made this a group costume? They could dress up as Ares or Artemis or Appollo! You and your friends could make up a whole gang of Greek gods and goddesses. But, we’re sure you already came up with this genius idea. Have fun!

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