Girls Goth Prom Queen Costume

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What is more exciting to your twelve year old than prom? Not a whole lot. She saw it in a movie, probably something on the Disney Chanel, and now it is all she talks about. She is already planning what she will wear to her own prom while trying to give her older sister pointers on what she should wear. Needless to say, that doesn’t go over so well.We remember our own obsession with prom. We remember watching Never Been Kissed for the first time. Seeing Drew Barrymore as the same ridiculous kind of person that we felt like. Awkward. Weird. Then she becomes prom queen, and we felt like there was hope for us nerdy girls. The Mathlete, the comic book nerd, the orchestra dorks. And, she was so beautiful in her Rosalind dress.When you talked to your twelve-year-old, she said she wanted to dress as a prom queen this Halloween. A dark prom queen. You were relieved because now you don’t have to spend an arm and leg on a fancy dress she might only wear once. Instead, you can get her this Girls Goth Prom Queen Costume. She will be thrilled with all the tulle and crown. And you’ll be stoked that you don’t have to buy an expensive dress; for your twelve-year-old at least. Your sixteen-year-old is a whole other story, and she wants the full Drew Barrymore experience.

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