Girl’s Happy Ghost Tutu Costume

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Generational GhostsRemember when you pretended to be a ghost by throwing a blanket over your head and wailing as you crept through the house? It was the best! Sure, no one was frightened by your multicolor, quilted specter, but you felt like the spookiest spirit to ever haunt your house. Plus you were always prepared for Halloween. All you had to do was upgrade from your quilt to an old white sheet that Mom was willing to part with before trick-or-treating.When your child told you she wanted to be a ghost for Halloween, it took no time for you to decide which spare sheet you could turn into her costume. But it seems the old standby isn’t going to cut it for your little ghoulie. Modern trick-or-treaters want modern designs. Luckily, our creepy-good designers have the ghost costume that brings ghosts from playtimes past and your child’s fashion-forward flair together!Design and DetailsUpgrade the classic ghost costume for your child with this exclusive Ghost Tutu Costume! Replace that flowy flat-sheet for a twirl-worthy ensemble that’s perfect for playtime and haunted Halloweens. The empire-waist dress will have your kiddo feeling elegant and spooky with its monochrome printed bodice and long tulle overskirt. A large ghost face is featured on the multi-layered skirt, so whether she’s creeping down the hall to scare the cat or racing her friends to the next source of candy, your kid won’t have to peer out from cut-in eye-holes. Polish off the playful poltergeist look with the included hair-bow.New Look, Same LegacyWhether she wants to celebrate Halloween all October, startle her siblings, or turn trick-or-treating into candy-or-creeping, your kiddo will be set in this Made By Us ghost costume. With the ghoulish garment hanging in her closest, she’ll have everything she needs to carry on the legacy of that wear-whenever quilt-ghost you used to love!

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