Girl’s LEGO Movie 2 Lucy Classic Costume

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MAKING BUILDINGS AND KICKING BUTTBrooding is an art form. It takes skill to somberly look out in the distance and agonize over the ebb and flow of life. Not everyone can do it, take Emmet for instance. The chipper little builder is way too optimistic to brood, he’s too busy fetching coffee and listening to the bop of the century, “Everything is Awesome,” but Lucy, on the other hand, is a brooding natural. Give her a bleak landscape, gloomy music and a dramatic voiceover and Lucy makes magic happen. She poignantly narrates the events that led to humanity’s demise and we are here for it. Honestly, we can’t get enough. How do we get dark and depressing music to play while we’re busy brooding? We haven’t figured it out yet but we have figured out how to impersonate the queen of brooding, Lucy AKA Wyldstyle, and it all starts with this officially licensed Lucy costume for girls. Stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to brood like Wyldstyle.PRODUCT DETAILSThe officially licensed Lego Movie 2 Lucy costume fuses the Lego world with the human world. This costume comes with a jumpsuit, a pair of gloves and the hair extension accessory. The black jumpsuit features pink and blue graffiti on one side and fastens with hook and loop fasteners in the back, perfect for brooding. The gloves are fingerless and complete the ‘tough girl’ look while a hair extension clip creates Wyldstyle’s signature wild look. The character creates her goth, all-black hair with a permanent marker but we recommend using black-colored hairspray instead, it’s so much better for your hair and don’t worry, we’ll send a can to Lucy too. BUILDING BESTIESWhere would Lucy be without Emmet and where would Emmet be without Lucy? Probably buried underneath a pile of sand in Apocalypseburg. Get your best friend to wear the Emmet costume then trick or treat, or brood, whichever you prefer!

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