Girl’s Little Mermaid Ariel Costume

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Part of Her WorldThe mysteries of the deep are always on our minds! What magical secrets and musical sites might we find if we could dive into the water and swim among those fishy friends? Fortunately, we don’t always need to set up the scuba gear to find out.In fact, there is one denizen of the deep who loves to make friends with we humans who spend most of the time walking around on our weird little legs. Now, your tyke has the opportunity to join in the fun of the watery world in a way that is sure to make any kiddo sing!Fun DetailsTransform with the magical help of this exclusive Girl’s Ariel Costume from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This shimmery dress is cute enough that your kiddo will flip her flippers thanks to the mermaid tail skirt that features layers of sequins and two tones of organza fabric for a three-dimensional look. The bodice features ruffles to create the look of fins and a shell top to bring your little Ariel to life.Combine the look with a bright red wig and your own little mermaid will be ready to stir up some fun in Atlantica with the rest of the friends under the sea.

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