Girl’s Miss Robin Hood Costume

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ROBIN HOOD FOR THE NEW GENERATIONWe all know the iconic story. A hooded outlaw, hiding from the corrupt sheriff and usurper king in the midst of the woods, stealing from the rich to give back to the poor… all the while vying to get the attention of his beloved Maid Marion until eventually they could depose the crooks and live happily ever after together. It’s a lovely story, but we’re always wondering, “What next!?” Sure, happily ever after is a great place to end, but there’s always more to the story. Turns out that the world of Nottingham isn’t all pure bliss just because Prince John went the way of the crapper. Good thing that the next generation offers us the same heroes with hearts of gold as the last. And, the kiddo that’s about to win the day back can be named after the mischievous Robin Hood, too!FUN DETAILSYour kid can be the start of a whole new band of merry outlaws ready to fight the rotten corruption in the wood. We’re happy to help with this great garb, so help your would-be wood-dwelling hero with this Miss Robin Hood Girl’s Costume. This pullover hooded dress is styled as a tunic and has an attached faux suede vest for all the decoration of wooded fun. The adjustable shoulder harness has keen decorations and the matching faux leather gauntlets complete the perfect look. ROBIN HOOD, PART TWO!Corruption and greed never seem to go away forever. But, neither do the heroics of outlaws willing to steal right back from the rich and give to the poor. Just because old Robin of Locksley settled down with Marion doesn’t mean that the inspired days of do-goodery are over. Time for the next generation to pick up their bow and take back Nottingham!

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