Girl’s Pretty Poison Costume

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Complex ComparisonsIt’s been said that humans are just houseplants with more complicated emotions. Of course, as a parent you know differently. Sure, your child needs all the same things as a houseplant-clean water, nutritious food, and a good deal of sunlight-but unlike plants, children also need a bit of guidance while growing.Sticking with the plant analogy… just imagine you planted some ivy and never pruned it. Its vines could climb up the side of your home and completely block out daylight, dampening everyone’s mood. The ivy could overtake your garden and ruin the prized tulips you look forward to seeing every spring. The pretty green leaves of the plant would turn into something less beloved and much wilder. But with proper attention, almost like a reminder to share its space, that same ivy plant would grow and flourish into a gorgeous thing; its gentle tendrils wrapping up decorative lattices and making everyone’s world more colorful.Fun DetailsOnly time will tell if your child will grow like the wild ivy or the decorative garden delight, but with this Girl’s Pretty Poison Costume, they can explore both sides of their character! This whimsical ensemble consists of 4 pieces to transform your kiddo into a mysterious ivy plant. The green tunic features a shimmering tulle layer and illusion sleeves with a vine print. The hem of the tunic is decorated with sewn-in leaves. A metallic train can be tied around the waist for added drama. Complete the look with the included green leggings and plastic, leaf-shaped mask.Plant the PossibilitiesWhether your child grows to spread an overwhelming influence, or they blossom into a person that gets along with everyone around them, they’ll be set to explore the possibilities with a naturally glamorous ensemble. Let them dress like a wild villain or peaceful woodland fairy for Halloween and playtime with this Pretty Poison Costume!

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