Girl’s Renaissance Queen Costume

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Princess? Pshht, Boring… Some little girls want to be a princess but they’re not thinking big enough, unlike your kiddo. She’s got her sights set a bit higher. Why just be a princess when you could be the queen and rule with an iron fist while sitting on a glorious throne? Grab this Girls Renaissance Queen Costume for her and she’ll reign over the neighborhood this Halloween!Give your little girl a taste of the royal treatment when you dress her up with this medieval-themed outfit. As soon as she tosses it on, she’ll feel ready to waltz about an enormous castle and be waited on hand and foot by her loving servants… that will be you, by the way. So be sure to address her properly with a: “Yes, your Highness” or a: “As you wish my Queen” because the last thing you want to hear her say is, “Off with their heads”!The Royal TreatmentThis elegant dress is designed with a light blue velvet gown and outer sleeve drapes. The off-white center skirt inset and sleeves are decorated with printed gold diamonds. The collar of the dress is stuffed with foam and edged with white lace as well as gold braid. It is also covered with pleated netting fashioned to resemble pleated ruff. The 4-tier pearl necklace is decorated with 2 gold-tone brooches set with faux gems. Top this costume off with the included gold plastic crown ornamented with clear faux gems and her royal transformation will be complete.First Things, First!The neighborhood will be a kingdom this Halloween and who better to rule than your little girl? Dress her in this Girls Renaissance Queen Costume and let her reign begin. First matter a business to take care off will be the new Candy Tax she’ll want to put into motion, so you better go around the block with her and collect!

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