Girls Royal Vampire Costume

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REASONS WHY WE DON’T TURN CHILDRENEvery vampire knows that there are certain rules about the unlife that simply must be adhered to! Now, there are the obvious ones that any of them clearly know without even needing to discuss. No sunlight. Keep the shades drawn. Furniture only from fiberglass and fake wood. No stakes. Garlic only on the human half of the pizza. Keep the electric bill on autopay to get the 5% discount. No question!But, some of the other rules are a bit more vague and occasionally are not realized until it is too late. Among them, the most important is not to transform youngsters into vampires. For one, they are really noticeable. A kiddo who doesn’t age? Where are we? The Simpsons? But more important than that is the fact that kids are really ambitious. Give them just a little bit of power and they can upset the whole hierarchy! FUN DETAILSBut, seeing how your kiddo is already lining up to become the queen of the vampires, all we can do is make sure that she’s the greatest one we’ve ever seen. So, we can help her look the part with this glorious Royal Vampire Costume for Girls. This lovely gothic gown has a high collar, wide flaring sleeves, and a sinfully lovely pattern of rich black and deep red that will leave all who look upon her breathless. (We hope it is out of awe and not because she just added another human to her pile of ghouls.) Aim for a lovely gothic wig and Victorian choker and your kid might even be in line for the real crown! IMMORTALITY AND ALL THAT ENERGYWhen your kiddo is looking to become the next major player in the supernatural society, there should be a few reasonable limitations. However, how can we resist someone so… enchanting… and… yup. We’re definitely hypnotized. We’ll just get to hemming this dress up perfectly, now.

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